1976 Chevy C10 Custom Deluxe (Bicentennial Theme)


1976 Chevy C10 Custom Deluxe (Bicentennial Theme) – V8, Auto, New Chrome, New White Walls, Lowered, Runs Great, Amazing & Unique Patina!



1976 Chevy C10 Custom Deluxe (Bicentennial Theme) – Classic trucks only continue to grow in popularity, and the third-generation Chevrolet and GMC C/K trucks are no exception. Produced from 1973 until 1987, the style of these particular pickups is commonly referred to as the box body or square body Chevy. Formally dubbed the “Rounded-Line” generation, this was one of the longest-running generations of pickups produced by Chevy. Starting in 1975, Chevy revised the trim level offerings and began offering the luxury Silverado trim that eventually replaced the C/K in 1999. The Silverado took over from the Cheyenne Super as the top trim level. The Custom Deluxe became the base model as the Custom line was dropped, and the Scottsdale edition became available. The 1975 Chevy trucks were a hot product, with almost 750,000 vehicles sold that year. The windshield wiper switch moved to a different location than the previous third-generation C/K models and no longer had back lighting. A quick-release tailgate became standard for the Fleetside models and rain gutters were standardized across all models. Catalytic converters became standard in 1975 for all trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating under 6,001 pounds. The major difference when it comes to appearance is the grille change. From 1975-1976, the grille features three horizontal bars and sits flush with the front.

America’s Bicentennial theme was one of the biggest deals back in 1976, and car manufacturers naturally exploited that fact. Chevrolet, however, remained rather reserved, putting only 500 of “Spirit of 76” pickup trucks into the market. From what was noted on the original interior and our research into these trucks we don’t believe this Custom Deluxe was one of the 500 that rolled off the Chevy assembly lines. Instead it looks to be a paint scheme that a new Chevrolet dealer may have applied in order to attract customers. Just as Chevy had envisioned when designing the factory “Spirit of 76” trucks, these dealer reproductions were highly desired by patriotic customer that felt strongly about buying a truck that was “Made in the USA” . This unique example has a true patina that we doubt you’ll ever find anywhere else. With the exception of the lower front passenger fender (that saw a little too much battery acid) this C10 is a pretty solid example. The underside, frame, rockers, cab corners and other problematic areas have surface rust but no rust cancer/rot. She starts up easily and drives good for her age. The odometer reads just over 70k miles but we did not receive any documentation to support those miles. We truly expect that the next time we see this C10 after it’s purchased that it will have a modern LS drivetrain, Vintage Air and maybe even an upgraded suspension. For this reason we mostly focused on cosmetic upgrades while getting her ready for a new home. The hood hinges, front inner fenders, chrome bumpers, chrome mirrors, lights, badging, windshield, 15″ steel wheels, factory dog dish hubcaps, whitewall tires, carpet, bench seat, and instrument bezel are all brand new. The suspension was correctly lowered with drop spindles up front and hangers in the rear.  If owning the coolest looking patina truck is on your bucket list, you don’t want to let this one get away! We can almost guarantee you won’t find another C10 this unique any time soon.