1969 Pontiac GTO Ram Air III Coupe


1969 Pontiac GTO Ram Air III Coupe – Ram Air 400, 4 bbl, Auto, PS, PB, A/C, Bucket Seats, Rally Wheels, New BF Goodrich Tires, PHS Documented, Complete Service Records!



1969 Pontiac GTO Ram Air III Coupe – Fate intervened cruelly in 1969 as insurance companies weighed in against muscle cars, complaining about accidents and raising rates as a result. Since Pontiac’s image was that of a performance brand, it was a big blow. Sales for the 1969 Pontiac GTOs suffered, dropping to 72,287 units. The Hardtop remained most popular with 58,126 new owners, followed by a mere 7,328 Convertibles. The bright spot was the new Judge package (based on the TV catch phrase “Here comes the Judge” by Sammy Davis on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In). The first cars were orange, but before long all GTO colors were offered. The hood had Ram Air intakes, and there were Judge decals on the front fenders, side stripes and a big rear spoiler with another Judge decal. As in 1968, hardly any GTO buyers opted for the 265 bhp engine only available with the automatic transmission. The majority of GTO Hardtop buyers opted for the 350 bhp four-barrel package. GTO Ram Air III buyers spent an extra $342.29 for the 366 bhp 400 cid engine with cold-air intake, which could be manually opened. In all 6,143 Ram Air III Hardtop buyers chose a manual gearbox and 1,986 picked the automatic. Convertible numbers were far smaller, with 249 with a manual gearbox and 113 with an automatic.

It’s hard to find a more iconic 60’s muscle car that is sexier than the GTO! Featured in Cameo Ivory with a black vinyl top, Ram Air hood and rear spoiler, this GTO Ram Air III embodies all that was cool in 1969.  The interior is equally as sexy with two comfortable bucket seats and a center console shifter. Everything on this Pontiac is original or has been restored to original which ensures your investment here will only appreciate with each passing day. We were also fortunate to receive a huge binder with this vehicle that contains the PHS documents, complete service/parts records over the last 20 years, and a small photo log of the restoration. A complete list of features and options include; 400 V8 (366hp), 4 bbl, Auto w/Console, Power Steering & Brakes, A/C, Delco Battery, Bucket Seats, Delco AM Radio, Rubber Floormats, Chrome Mirrors, Chrome Rear Bumper, Original Owners Manual, Tire Tools, Spare Tire, 14″ PMD Rally Wheels, New BF Goodrich RWL Tires! We are fully aware that all the classic car valuation experts/guides show this GTO to have current selling price of $45-52k in average condition. We base our prices on what we have invested into our vehicles and are therefore able to offer this beautiful GTO for only $29,900. Contact us today and bring this classic home to adorn your driveway and impress all the neighbors.