1972 Chevy Cheyenne Super C20 Longhorn


1972 Chevy C20 Longhorn – 400 V8, Auto, Factory A/C, Tachometer, Houndstooth Interior, Wood Bed, Fully Restored, Drives Great!



1972 Chevy C20 Cheyenne Super Longhorn – The Longhorn was produced from March 11th of ’68 until the end of that generation, in ’72. It was only available in 3/4 ton and 1 ton versions. The main thing that makes it a Longhorn, is the frame, and front of the bed are extended by six inches, making the wheelbase 133 inches, up from 127, and the bed now measures 8 1/2 feet long. The easiest way to I.D. one, assuming the badges are missing, is to look at the front of the bed. G.M. didn’t spend a whole lot of time or money on these, and if you look at the sides of these trucks, you’ll see a body line where they added to the existing long bed. Also, there is a ‘Longhorn’ emblem on the bed sides. On the ’68, it’s located over the rear side marker light, while all the later models have it located directly in front of the side marker. All Longhorn trucks should have a wooden floor in the bed, and seven, or eight leaf, leaf springs in the back, as opposed to the weaker coils found on most trucks in this time frame. This extra long truck, was aimed at the booming camper industry, and was capable of hauling the largest camper on the market at the time. Although, with the extra cargo room, you can understand why so many were put to work.

With only 3,328 examples of the Longhorn leaving the assembly line in 1972, the chances of you seeing one on the street 47 years later is rare. As mentioned, many were used as work trucks and therefore didn’t survive many years. Owners that intended to work the trucks purchased them stripped out. Original buyers that wanted only the best Chevy had to offer, picked up fully loaded models. This rare ’72 Longhorn is just one such model. We’ve known about the existence of this local truck for about 7 years and finally talked the owner into selling it to us last month. Just about every part of this truck has been restored over the last 5 years. The paint, wood bed, exhaust, and much of the trim are all brand new. The drivetrain was completely rebuilt in 2019 and the truck runs great! A complete list of features and options includes; 400 V8, Auto, 2WD, Power Steering & Brakes, Factory A/C, Tachometer, Factory AM/FM Radio, Houndstooth Interior, Cheyenne Super Pkg, Wood Bed, Chrome Bumpers, Chrome Mirrors, Chrome Grill, Vent Windows, Side Tool Box, Softray Tinted Glass, Owners Manual, Tow Package, 16″ Factory Wheels, and Thick Falken LT285/75 R16 Tires! Rare Chevy trucks are hard to find and locating one is this condition for sale is a unique opportunity. Contact us today to take the next steps towards ownership.