1971 Chevy C10 Custom Stepside


1971 Chevy C10 Custom Stepside – 350 V8, Auto, RWD, PS/PB, 2/4″ Drop, New Paint, Wood Bed, Very Fun to Drive!

Deposit : $500.00 Per item



1971 Chevy C10 Custom Stepside – 1967 was the initial year that Chevrolet Motor Division and GM Truck and Bus Division agreed to split platform production. The former would make all light trucks, with GMCs essentially becoming rebadged Chevrolets, while GMC would build all larger trucks, supplying Chevy with rebadged units. As such, while the all-new 1967 GMC pickups shared the same chassis and sheet metal as Chevrolet, it was available with a GMC unique engine, the 305 cid V-6. This was in addition to GMC now also using Chevrolet’s sixes and V-8s. GMC’s trim lines also paralleled Chevy. From 1967 through 1971, they ranged from the basic Deluxe up to the Custom and the Super Custom at the top end. Changing for 1972, they then went from Custom, Super Custom, Sierra, to a new premium Sierra Grande which matched up with the Cheyenne Super. While GMC also used the C (two wheel drive) and K (four wheel drive) model designators, they differed from Chevrolet in that they used four digit numbers for the weight range. This was partially due to coordinating with their medium and heavy-duty trucks that were already using four digit model codes. As such, half-tons were 1500s, three-quarter tons were 2500s, and one-tons were 3500.

It is widely known that the 1970-1972 C10s are the most popular and most rapidly appreciating classic trucks on the market. But, Chevy/GMC stamped out thousands of these trucks and over the last 50 or so years, many have been altered beyond any resemblance of how they looked when new. This awesome C10 not only carries on the traditional overall looks from the era but adds the basic upgrades needed to be a very fun driver. The Maroon paint and wood bed are brand new and really sets this truck apart from the crowd! This C10 also received new brakes and a recent 2/4″ drop for improved stance and drivability. We don’t have details on the drivetrain build but the power it offers is just right! It has a little jump off the line and plenty of power left after 65mph. A complete list of features and options include; 350 V8, Auto, RWD, Black Vinyl Bench, 2″/4″ Drop, Power Brakes, Power Steering, Chrome Grille/Bumpers/Mirrors, Tinted Glass, Upgraded Stereo, Wood Wheel, Wood Bed, Custom Exhaust, 15″ Rally Wheels, and thick Firestone Raised White Letter 235/75/R15 Tires! Trying to build its twin with current labor rates, parts availability, and shop schedules is going to easily cost you $40k and several months. This is your opportunity to own a killer build and be driving it tomorrow! Don’t let this one slip away.