1963 Chevy C10 1/2 Ton


1963 Chevy C10 1/2 Ton – Original Inline 6 Cyl, Manual, Wood Bed, New Bench Seat, New Battery/Starter/Fuel Pump, Drives Great, Killer Patina!



1963 Chevy C10 1/2 Ton – Aircraft-inspired “nacelles” graced the hood of the attractively restyled 1960 Chevrolet C10, which now relied on independent front suspension (the pickup market’s first) sprung by torsion bars instead of coils. Coil springs brought up the rear in place of the leafs installed prior to 1960. Conventional coils replaced the torsion bars up front in 1963, allowing the frame’s reinforcing x-member, in place since 1960, to be deleted. The 1960 model year was the first in which Chevy pickups featured a full-width pickup box as standard equipment. Styling is a hit or miss affair for the earlier years (1960-62), with wrap-around windshields and their unique hoods that are all but impossible to find as replacements. GM discontinued this difficult-to-stamp component for the 1963 model year, even for collision replacement parts, so it’s not unusual to find earlier trucks with the later 1963-66 hoods. Those later years saw styling that was more mainstream looking, and those are generally most sought-out by collectors.

The reason real patina is so cool is because you can’t replicate what nature has done over the last 50-60 years. This highly original ’63 has “the look” that other trucks only wish they had. On top of the killer patina this truck has had several recent mechanical updates and runs great. It still features the original 230 ci Inline 6 engine and 3-on-the-tree manual transmission. The fuel lines, fuel pump, carburetor, battery, and starter have all been updated to ensure the new owner can drive her on day one. The bench seat has also been recovered for a more comfortable ride. After 57 years the body is showing its age but it is still straight and complete. While nature has provided this Chevy with a look that can’t be matched, it has left the original wood bed needing some TLC. You won’t find any bells-n-whistles on a ’63 but what it lacks in frills it definitely makes up for in character. So whether you are looking for an inexpensive and unique classic truck to cruise around town or you need a great base for a patina build, this C10 is a perfect fit. Your spouse already called and said you can buy the truck and we can assist you with financing and shipping. Your excuses for not owning this classic truck are really running low so contact us today to become an owner!