1938 Pontiac 6DA Sedan


1938 Pontiac 6DA Sedan: 350 V8, Auto, Vintage A/C, Suicide Doors, Custom Interior, Sunburst Paint!



1938 Pontiac 6DA Sedan:  The Pontiac line for 1938 carried over all of the highly successful ’37 models, with a styling facelift. The grille reflected a bold appearance due to 14, equally spaced, straight horizontal bars. The Silver Streaks were comprised of 9 lines that split the grille and ran along the center of the hood toward the windshield, than resumed on the deck lid. The rear Silver Streaks were standard on all closed models for 1938. The numeral 6 or 8 was carried just above the front bumper at the base of the Silver Streak. Both Six and Eight featured an Indian Head centered on the front bumper; but only on the Eight was it flanked by a vertically ribbed trim plate. Six cylinder models had 10 louvers on either side of the hood, complete with bright horizontal trim top and bottom; plus the Pontiac name appearing just behind the grille openings. The Eight cylinder models had 12 louvers, with bright horizontal trim running top, bottom and right across the center of the louvers. The Pontiac name did not appear on either side of the hood. The parking lamps on the Eights were molded into the top of the headlamp buckets The Indian Head hood ornament on the Eight carried a tall “head dress” as compared to the low profile Indian Head on the Six. 

It’s impressive to think this beauty rolled off the assembly line 80+ years ago! Of course this 1938 Pontiac has been restored and upgraded over the years but it still retains its original styling ques that made it such an American icon. The first thing people notice is the attractive Sunburst Orange paint and pinstripping that pair perfectly with the exterior chrome. What they don’t know until that get behind the wheel is that it drives as great as it looks with a Chevy 350 power plant and Vintage A/C to keep you cool. This is a great classic to load the family into and hit up all the weekend car shows. Or if you prefer the resto-mod look, this Pontiac is a great rust-free, straight car to start off your build. A complete list of features and options includes; 350 V8, B&M Air Filter, Chrome Alternator, Edelbrock Valve Covers, Electric Fan, Auto w/ Floor Shift, Power Steering & Brakes, Vintage A/C, Suicide Doors, Chrome Grill, Chrome Bumpers & Mirrors, Upgraded Headlights, AM/FM/Cassette, Power Antenna, Banjo Steering Wheel, Equus Temp Gauge,  15″ Cragar Chrome Torque Thrust Rims, and Thick Cooper Cobra Radial G/T Tires!