1927 Pierce Arrow Truck


1927 Pierce Arrow Truck – 8 Cyl, Wood Bed, From the Don Chew Collection, Very Original and Rare Truck!



1927 Pierce Arrow Truck – After years of discussion and planning, the first Pierce-Arrow truck was shown in January, 1911. The five-ton stake-bed truck featured a worm-drive rear axle and hard rubber tires. The Pierce-Arrow worm-drive trucks were quieter and more reliable than the chain-drive mechanism used by most trucks of the time. The first Pierce-Arrow truck, the X-1, had a four-cylinder T-head engine with 4 7/8″ bore and 6″ stroke. The truck had three forward speeds and sold for $4500. The Pierce-Arrow truck set a new standard for trucks made in America. The X-1 was augmented by a two-ton model, the X-2 in 1913. These X-1 was replaced by the R-5 in 1915. The quality of the Pierce-Arrow truck was recognized by the the military powers of World War I. Pierce-Arrow delivered over 14,000 trucks to the French and British governments by the end of the War.┬áIn 1923, the truck line underwent it’s first major overhaul since the first truck was introduced in 1911. The 1923 trucks were now available in six models ranging from 2 1/2 tons to 7 1/2 tons. All trucks used a dual-valve four-cylinder engine. The top of the line, the Model R-F sold for $5,400. In 1924, the Model Z was introduced. The Model Z used the Series 33 passenger car Dual-Valve Six engine and came with a 196″ or 220″ wheelbase. Primarily intended as a bus chassis, many Model Z chassis were fitted with other bodies such as fire truck, moving van, and tanker bodies. Pierce-Arrow claimed a top speed of 60 miles per hour.

We would normally reserve this space to describe the many features of a classic. But as you know, the trucks from this era were very utilitarian and free of the bells-n-whistles found on modern trucks. Instead of fancy features, this beautiful Pierce Arrow truck is made valuable by its uniqueness and originality. We received this classic truck from the collection of the late Don Chew. Don was a well-known classic truck enthusiast and collector who maintained a fantastic collection in Brighton, CO. This very original truck was always kept indoors so it still presents very nicely. The transmission was in the process of being rebuilt when Don passed. This transmission has yet to be installed but does accompany this sale. This is your opportunity to own a very rare Pierce Arrow for far less than you can at any auction. Contact us today to discuss adding this remarkable truck to your collection.